Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Main task - Filming.

We filmed some test shots for the wood scenes in our main task on the 6th February and these will hopefully be up on youtube soon. It was good to practise with the camera as it helped us to see what looked professional when we played it back on the mac and what we needed to do to improve on our shots.

Then, on the 13th and 14th of February we started to film our actual main task. On the 13th we had arranged to meet at our intended place of filming, however due to personal reasons one of our actors had to cancel last minute, whilst this was disappointing we decided to continue with our filming nevertheless. Another obstacle that we ran into was that our location was not the best place to film the shots we needed as we had not accounted for the traffic at the time of filming, but as we had researched many other locations we could quickly move to a more suitable one and begin our filming. In this day we managed to capture a lot of needed footage of our actors, including vital scenes from our storyboard. In spite of this we also agreed that we would need to arrange to meet again to film some more shots due to the fact that we did not quite manage to complete all of our footage. 

On the 14th our group went back to the woods where we had filmed our test shots and reshot some that were not quite up to standard, I feel that our shots this time around were a lot better as we had a clear idea of what we wanted and knew now ways in which to film this correctly. As well as filming shots from our storyboard we also ended up shooting some scenery that we happened to encounter as it just had really interesting mise-en-scene that we thought would create a perfect atmosphere for our opening two minutes.

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