Friday, 9 March 2012

Main Task: Filming.

Last week we finished all our filming for the opening two minuets of our film. Unfortunately we had some difficulty in getting all our actors to the location of filming at the same time and so decided to only use three characters instead of four, which is what we had originally planned. However I do not feel that this hindered us or the mise-en-scene of the film in anyway. In fact, using only three actors meant that we could focus more on these and get some interesting shots of them without the shots appearing to crowded.
 When we filmed the weather was consistent and we managed to get some great shots using the sunny weather to our advantage as it creates a contrast between what is happening in the scenes, it is a sort of reverse pathetic fallacy.
 We also made some changes from our storyboard and took some shots differently, all of this will be explained more fully in our evaluation.

We are now currently editing our film and it looks like our filming is fine although we may have to rerecord one character saying a line as the clarity isn't a good as we would like.

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