Thursday, 13 October 2011

Analyse the camera shots and movement, mise en scene and editing.

30 second film clip:, District 13, from 1:50 to 2:10
 1:50- (wide shot) This is a wide shot to show the audience the landscape and the horizon line so that they understand how high up the scene is and therefore create a sense of danger , excitement and also panic for the character. The use of a wide shot means that the audience can still see the character clearly and follow the action, whilst also being able to take in the surroundings. The bar used to climb up is almost central in the screen as that, as well as the character climbing it, is the main focus. However there is space left to the side for the character to run into. The rest of the shot is left more or less empty, apart from the distant houses and buildings in the background, again this emphasises the height at which they are and how far away they are from other places. Colours mostly used in this scene are dull greys as this represents the location, and doesn’t prove a distraction from the action. 
1:53 This is another wide shot, but this one showing the edge of the building, buildings in the background the sky and also the character jumping over the edge. This helps to highly stress the danger of the situation and wow the audience at the stunts. Again it also suggests the height at which this is taken place and how urban the surroundings are.
 To arrive at the next shot the camera follows the characters decent, so as soon as his head disappears from shot you see his quick fall and landing from another, where the camera almost lands with him. The editing between shots is so quick that it seems no time has passed and that you really are falling with him. This helps engage the audience with the story and make them feel at one with the character, as well as being more interesting than just a straight forward wide shot of him falling.
At 2:00 there is an aerial shot of the main character jumping the banister over a flight of stairs, although he is the main focus of the scene and is positioned in the middle you can see how dangerous this stunt is as there is a view of how far it is to fall. Then at of 2:04 there is another aerial shot down the stairs this time with a second character falling down them. This shows how far he has to fall and his slim chances of survival, it also means the audience get to see some of his decent from afar and this is highly entertaining. It then quickly flashes to a couple of shots showing him smashing into the banisters on the way down which keeps in flow with the high energy of the clip and captures the audience’s attention.
Throughout the clip there are many jump cuts with shots that don’t last very long. This helps to capture the speed at which the action is happening. There are also a lot of tilting and panning shots to follow the character and the direction that he is moving in. Hereby helping the audience to follow the action as its happening very quickly and it could be difficult to keep up otherwise. 

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