Monday, 23 January 2012

Location Scouting!

Here are some pictures taken when I went to possible locations to film our main task. All the places are easily accessible, whilst this means we will have to plan carefully when to film as to not capture any of the public it also means that ourselves and our actors will have no difficulty getting there.

I think this part of The Thicket would be a perfect place to film our establishing shot as although it is more open plan and field more that wood it gives a good sense of where the film will be set and lets the audience see that they are in a wooded area. It means we can fit a lot of trees into our shot and show all the surroundings well.

 For the interior shots of the woods I found another part of the woods nearby to be more fitting for our needs as the trees are denser, giving it a more wild atmosphere which would suit our film well, as we don't want it to look like a public place. I also think that it would be more interesting to film here as there are many different type of trees, bushes and plants.

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