Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Naming our film.

After much deliberation we have decided to call our film Out Of Service. We chose this name as we feel it fits in with the various themes shown in our film. As our film is a Teen horror we knew that things such as mobile phones and social networking should be prominent so that our audience can relate better to the film, developing this idea further led to us basing quite a lot of the film around the victims receiving threatening texts from an unknown person but not being able to call anyone for help and this then to the idea of calling it Out Of Service as the protagonists in our film will be. We also felt that although it was intriguing and quite dramatic it wasn't too over the top and suited our film better than, say, a one word title would as they are commonly used in big Hollywood blockbusters. After taking to various members of our target audience they told me that the title sounds exciting and that they would want to find out more about it.

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